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About Lighthouse Property Inspections

Serving the Greater Wichita, Kansas Area

Our Mission

To make buying and selling your home a very positive, personal and informative experience

What's behind our Name?

The lighthouse has always been known as a steady and consistent guide to those who search for the right path. Captains used the information from the direction of the light to make the necessary decisions to steer through troubled waters and foggy conditions.

Just like the lighthouse provides the right path for captains who are lost or in trouble waters, Lighthouse Property Inspections does the same for you; We shine a light on your real estate experience. Giving you the same consistent and reliable light for making your decisions.

Meet Scott

Scott is a Captain with the Wichita Fire Department, and he has proudly served our community for the past 27 years.  As many of you know, firefighters have a vast knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of buildings and their construction.  As a firefighter, Scott has seen first hand the problems and destruction that can be caused by amateur repairs, remodeling, and poor maintenance.

In 2006, Lighthouse Property Inspections was born, out of the passion for helping others have a clear understanding when they purchase a home.  He still remembers when he and his wife purchased their first home, over 25 years ago.  At the time, not knowing any better, he thought that all home inspection reports were a couple of pages of hard to read data.  He resolved that all of his inspection reports will be computerized, easy to read and as thorough as possible.  So, when you work with Scott, you can rest assured that your inspection report will contain plenty of images, all the contents will be in laymen’s terms and will be easy to understand.  Scott goes over and above to provide you with the tools to help you during your buying process.  That is why he prints your report onsite, stores the documents in a three-ring binder and includes a home owner’s operators handbook, plus you will receive an email copy of the report for future reference.

Certifications and Local Associations

When you work with Lighthouse Property Inspections, you are working with a Home Inspector with years of hands-on experience. As a Certified ASHI Inspector, Scott is committed to follow the ASHI Standards of Practice and adhere to a Code of Ethics.

Scott’s dedication to training and education ensures that all new information is implemented as soon as it becomes available.

Why choose us?
Top Reasons Wichita Homeowners work with Lighthouse Property Inspections

When you buy a new home, you want to be sure you understand what you are buying. When you hire Lighthouse Property Inspections for your home inspection, you will get a honest and unbiased complete property inspection. Whether you are buying or selling, you want to be sure your interests are protected.  With Lighthouse Property Inspection services you can be sure that you will receive a reliable and through inspection.  After all, you are making one of the largest investments of your life.

Personal Attention

You will work directly with the owner, Scott Siple – Certified Home Inspector. Scott does not stop working for you when the inspection is over. If you have a question about your home, after the property inspection, feel free to reach out.

Licensed & Insured

We carry Errors and Omissions Insurance, Property Damage, and Bodily Injury Insurance for your protection.

Comprehensive Reports

Property condition reports help you understand the condition of the home you are buying or selling. The inspection reports are easy to understand and include plenty of color images with clearly marked descriptions indicating the problems found and how to resolve the problems.